Curricular Guide: Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data 6th edition, Sullivan, 6th edition

This document is keyed to the table of contents of the book.

Chapter 1 Data Collection

Chapter 2 Organizing and Summarizing Data

Chapter 3 Numerically Summarizing Data

Chapter 4 Describing the Relation between Two Variables

Chapter 5 Probability

Chapter 6 Discrete Probability Distributions

Chapter 7 The Normal Probability Distribution

Chapter 8 Sampling Distributions

Chapter 9 Estimating the Value of a Parameter

Chapter 10 Hypothesis Tests Regarding a Parameter

Chapter 11 Inference on Two Population Parameters

Chapter 12 Inference on Categorical Data Chapter 13 Comparing Three or More Means

Chapter 14 Inference on the Least-Squares Regression Model and Multiple Regression

Chapter 15 Nonparametric Statistics