Textbook Companions

Textbook companions help instructors link their textbook to the StatPREP materials. Currently, we have companion materials for several textbooks. Follow the links below to get to the curriculum companion for each book.

We are open to developing additional companion materials for other textbooks. Some we are considering are:

Which books and why?

There are many textbooks used for teaching intro stats. We couldn’t do all of them at the start, so we picked four

It wouldn’t be appropriate for us to endorse specific commercial textbooks, so we made our initial choice of books based on one fundamental criterion: accessibility to students.

Two of the books we picked are open-source and available for free online.

Another open-source stats textbook we want to point out is Statistical Inference via Data Science by Chester Ismay and Albert Y. Kim. We didn’t include this in our list because it is relatively new and because it takes a substantially different view on stats, orienting stats around data science concepts such as wrangling and visualization.

The other two books in the companion list are commercial, but both are widely used in two-year colleges that are readily accessible to instructors.

We hope that having a key to the StatPREP materials for the Triola book and the Sullivan book will help many StatPREP participants take first steps toward a data-centric view of statistics. This is so particular since the structure and content of these books makes it difficult for the first-time instructor to coordinate lessons from the book with the StatPREP materials.